last night

*Hey what happened to you last night?
I called you like a million times
You could’ve at least answered it
Or send me a text if you’re busy or something
We’ve been together for over a year now
You should already know what makes me go mad

“Yeah I’m sorry baby I got so drunk and there’s this thing that happened”

*Are you cheating on me?

“Absolutely not baby I would never do that I swear!”
“Just chill babe”

*So tell me what happen then!

“Well I got drunk”

*You already told me that! Quit messin just go with your damn excuse

“babe just chill okay im tryng to remember it was all a blur to me,
But I remember that I got up around 2:40 am because I need to pee
So I went upstairs to do so
I was really drunk so I was like crawling
And while at it
I counted the steps as I have been doing all my life when going up stairs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
But on the 13th step somebody counted for me
The weird thing is that it sounded like me
But angrier
So I look up to see who it was
A glance from his shoes made me realize who
It was me
The same shorts
But his face was different
He doesn’t have eyes and he was smiling at me
And it startled me so I was thrown back
Luckily I still got the strength to hold onto the handrails
I looked back at him and his smile widens
So wide it tore his cheeks from left to right ear
Then he jumped on me with a knife
While hysterically laughing
We fell down on the floor
And the impact made him drop the knife
We hustle to get to it
But luckily I got it first
I was so afraid I closed my eyes and slashed him
Then there was silence
I assumed it was all over so I opened my eyes and I saw him
On the floor
His belly where cut open and his guts came oozing out of it
There were worms inside of him
I closed my eyes again
Started to pray
Then as soon as im done
I opened my eyes
And he was gone
I went back to bed
With a heavy head
And woke up
Then here we are”

*Do you honestly think I’ll believe yo God damn excuse?
She said

“But baby?”

*You need to think of a better lie

I laughed
Then I flipped and choked her with one hand
Can you believe that?
One fucking hand
I pulled out my knife
That I used to kill this boy last night
And stabbed her
Multiple times

Police officer:
Hold on son, hold on!
Are you saying you killed another person?
It was me

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