the ocean

If you’d ask me how I fell in love with you

I’d probably answer


It’s the same as how this story goes


I was nine and was told

not to go far

but I did

my stubbornness

is my weakness I guess

I swam so far away from the shore

where the waves are so strong

That my floaters ditched me

And left me alone

The last thing I remember was shouting for help

Then I woke up with a salty taste in my mouth

Sands on my cheeks

While staring at the person who just saved my life


She resuscitated me


And if you’re thinking that in the story

you’re the same as the person who saved me


You’re wrong


You are the ocean that drowned me

A glance at you literally took my breath away

And it did not satisfy you

For you took my floaters too

You drag me in another world

where there’s only me and you


and baby


I swear I do not need saving

My life is yours to take

Drown me every night and day


For you are my ocean

You are my love


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