if love was her then love has left me


Bilog ang mundo

Bilog ang mundo

At naniniwala ako na kung saan ka man makarating

iikot at iikot ka
at mag aantay ako
sa yong pag dating

Sa ayaw at sa ayaw mo

Dahil kagaya ng pagkakamali ng tao sa pag aakala na patag ang mundo

Umaasa ako na isang araw maiisip mo din na nagkamali ka sa desisyon na iwan ako

Kaya mahal mag hihintay

At mag hihintay

At mag hinhintay ako.

christmas date

“Hey you got a nice place”

She said


“yeah thank you it still kinda reminds me of my ex though”


“yeah its . .

Its okay youll get over her”


. . . . . . . .


“You know what? this place could really use a Christmas tree with lots of decoration just to brighten things up, 5 days more and its Christmas right?”


“yeah I think so . . . but . . .”


“ooohhh I realy like this couch”


“yeah I li . . .”

She cut me again


“is it okay If I ask you why your ex wife left you?”


“yeah sure”

I smiled and began to talk while looking at her wondering face


Well, where do I start


she left me because I couldn’t give her what she wanted,

You know she always complains even though I try to give her

something that she might want


but I was wrong

then we always fought over the same thing

but I love her so much so I told myself that I won’t fail her again

that ill give her what she want,


she actualy asked for a Christmas tree last Christmas and she wanted it to have angels decorated on it

with lots of twinkling lights

so I did

I planed it at the back of my head from the moment I heard her

And It took me 2 days to finish, it was so big I needed to work through the night

And when the day came I asked her to wear a nice white dress and to cover her eyes while I walk

Her towards our back yard

There was this big acacia tree that I covered with Christmas lights and decorations

Lots of it, you name it!

Everything is there with gifts and all

She was so amazed I saw her eyes glitter

Then she asked me


Where are the angels?


Then I slip my fingers into her hair and pull

So hard her head hit the ground and blood came running out of her mouth

She wasn’t able to talk after that

I assumed she was just happy from a better view at the tree

Then tears fell from her eyes

That reflected a thousand lights that I hanged,


Then she looked at me

But It was not the same look as it was when we started,

When she was really happy and content

It was a rotten look in her eyes that I got accustomed to that means “I fucking hate you”

So I took the hammer from the utility box that she got me last month

And smashed

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 . . . .  it was so many I lost count

Until her beautiful face

Wasn’t beautiful no more

And her face wasn’t a face no more

Her blood ruined her white dress

She look so perfect

But not yet

So I took the cleaver and chopped her chest

Exposing her rib cage and splitting it in half

One by one I pull out every rib

Breaking it

Making sure it sticks out of her open chest to resemble a wing

Then I decapitated her arms and legs so it would look like she’s really floating on air

once I hang her up in the tree

And I did

But I remembered she asked for angels

And I only got her one

So I made three more

Her older sister

Her mom and her aunt

But again angels she said

I don’t think 4 would suffice

. . . .  .

“I think I need to go”

She said

While frantically picking up her stuff


“How about dinner?”

I asked her


“I’m sorry”

She said


“I’m sorry”



She stood up

I grabbed her arm


And . . . . . . . . .