Its funny how even the word anemic reminds me of her


A word that may seem not to be spoken not unless you’re talking about someone who has it or in my case I heard it from a movie I just watched

So here I am



Yes and if you’d Google it it’ll say

Someone that has an abnormal red blood cells that’ll make you grasp for air

Like the way she breaths before I kiss her


It’ll make you go lazy the same way she makes me cook even though I dont know how to but needs to says her alibi that she’ll teach me how, so I can cook for her when she got pregnant

Yes she always thought of our future together like there will be

And she’s so sure about it
Brags she’s right like she’s right when she says the world is round

Well it is round

Anemia will cause lack of concentration and this might explain why she never finishes the movie were watching and ends up making out . Im not saying I don’t like the movie but I would say I liked the alternative

Shes always cold when its not that cold
she then hugs me so tight that I never want to feel warm again so she wont let go

But she did

She lets go

And here I am trying to forget

Then comes a single word from a movie that reminded me so much about her

One word


Listen to Anemic by tom tom #np on #SoundCloud

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