I want to

I wanna be close to you
Like the waves that hits the shore
And if there comes a time that you’ll be far away
I know one day you’ll hit me again

As waves do
As they always do

I wanna be your late night coffee after a troublesome day at work
To calm you to make you warm and to always be ready when it happens all over again

I wanna be that mug you press your lips on while thinking of how you should be and
how you could be
I wanna catch your though of me to see if it is as often as I always do

Every waking second of my day and night

I wanna be that bed you spend 10 hours on while watching television series that doesnt seem to end
I wanna be inlove and cry with you while looking at those actors and actresses pretend about true love like they really knew it exist

You see I really want to be with you and to know that you are 5139 miles away from me kills me
Bit by bit it consumes me

But my hope rests on the waves that hits the shore
Like I pretend us to be
Just someday if you hit me again
Im not letting go.

One thought on “I want to

  1. Only a few can feel the beauty of hurt, loneliness and sadness. The beauty of of hope, that you’ll know it will soon be over. Bit it’s the anticipation that kills you; not softly but roughly and slowly. Until you won’t hope again.

    You put sadness well in these beautiful verses.


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