What love is – SoundCloud


Why is it when people are sad they tend to be alone cry and stay at dark places then suddenly feels alright after it, then comes the next day they feel sad again why do we love places like that when were hurt or when we hate?

for me I guess the darkness and loneliness is the feeling I get right before you kiss me or hug me, then the moment I felt your kiss or say your body and we’re at the same temperature is when I feel alive or when its so bright more like the sun.

The only difference between that moment and this moment is that im still waiting for your hug and a kiss that I dont believe would really be possible.

See I say I guess its because theres really no scientific basis of being loved or being sad.

Yes they explain to us that when were inlove its like eating a chocolate that it releases some kind of chemical in our brain that tricks you from being loved or inlove.

But they can never tell us how our heart works like for example my heart
Its really fast when you’re close to me
Its faster when you’re gonna be kissing me
And its the fastest when you hold me tight and say you love me.

You see only stupid people understand
Or only stupid people gives a meaning of love

But you know what
I guess im stupid as well coz I believe love is you and me

Love is you and me. . .

Listen to What love is by tom tom #np on #SoundCloud

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